what we do

In consultation with you we help you decide upon the most important information, and how best to present this.

We take into account your business and your work, adding features such as photo or video galleries, based upon what you need to make your business and your service stand out.

We provide hosting and can sort out web addresses (domains) if required.

Primarily we use open source software, the core of all our sites is Wordpress, and we customise this using themes and plug-ins.

We acknowledge that a lot of work has been put in by developers in creating themes and plug-ins, where these are used we will make a donation via the developer’s site  – even if the work is available free – we do not charge for open source material.

Our basic charge will cover;

  • the time in consultation with you to ensure that your site is appropriately structured; the information design
  • installation on our servers, implementation of the information design structure, and helping you through the process of adding your content
  • once the site is online we guide you through how to keep your site fresh
  • one year of hosting with a 4GB monthly bandwidth allowance
  • configuration and set up of your email accounts
  • access to online tutorials

For more information read our faq.