Amanda Goode, a Shropshire based artist and textile designer launched her company, Larkhappy, at Tent London 2010.


The site is a showcase for her products and a point of contact for potential buyers. We developed the logotype and, using WPFolio as the starting point, created a simple layout with a link to a contact form under each item to allow buyers to send requests directly from the site.

Click on the link to visit the site.


Angela Hogg: Illustrator

This site was developed to allow Angela to create and update a series of pages, working to her design and layout we developed a series of templates to allow the pages to be laid out with large single image or as  gallery of images. The resizing of images is carried out automatically and the site automatically places text and images in the correct places.

Angela Hogg: Intro

The sketchbook pages work especially well with the LightBox feature allowing the viewer to page through large size images in a floating window.

Angela Hogg: Sketchbooks

Click the link to visit Angela’s site


Bath School of Art and Design course promotion

BA (Hons) 3D-Dimensional Design: Idea Material ObjectWe’ve just finished a site for a new undergraduate course at Bath Spa University’s School of Art and Design. The site is required to be a focal point for the staff to talk about their personal areas of practice and thereby give an insight into what – and who – is inspiring them as well a place to publish work.

Developed as a multi-user site, contributions will come from all of who have connections to the course, it also relies on the staff utilising their connections to promote the course so social networking tools are an integral part of the design. As well as embedding social bookmarks into each page we also created a Facebook page and Twitter profiles, and integrated the publication of new items to be broadcast to these networking sites.

A significant amount of customisation was carried out to the side of the site the staff use to make adding content as simple as possible, the front was also heavily edited to create a consistent and clean feel. Heavy cropping gives a strong visual feel despite the fact that many different images will be posted and a ‘lightbox’ feature makes good use of the image galleries allowing a variety of images sizes to be scaled and displayed consistently.

This site will build over time and become a rich source of inspiration for both staff and students; view the live site for BA (Hons) Idea Material Object.


‘Live’ e-Learning environment

Earlier this year we helped set up an e-learning environment to observe collaborations between art and design students. The aim of the site was both to motivate students to add work to the site and to record their responses to the work.

We created a registration page to ensure only bona-fide students could participate, analytics software tracked the overall activity (though not that of individual students) on any items added. Students were allowed to create their own usernames to be displayed against the work and any comments left. A group were assigned as editors for the site who moderated comments and selected featured items. With a significant body of other students voluntarily registering as contributors and a ‘live’ comments box allowing real time conversations between students logged on to the site encouraging others to join in, the site became a dynamic and ever changing community.

The results of the study have now been completed and the resulting paper is being presented at the 8th European Conference on e-Learning in Bari, Italy.


Bath Spa University

We’ve been working with Graphic Communication students at Bath Spa University’s School Of Art & Design to help them develop websites they can easily update. Building a clear and relevant portfolio site is essential in your first step into the world of work.


Links to more of the student sites soon.


Other Rooms

Matt and Kellie run a studio working on a mix of graphic and photographic work and wanted a portfolio style site to showcase this.

The site was based on a theme called F8 but reworked with some additional scripting to make the process of adding images simple, the site automatically crops and resizes the images when they are added, and uses the right size image for the slide show, thumbnails and embedded in the text.

Slideshow is the main image on the front page, choosing which images to feature in the sideshow is as simple as ticking a box so they can easily update this.





Last year we were involved in a usability evaluation of the site, helping to develop a simpler, more useful, information hierarchy. We became involved with the project through Knowledge West, a link to the case study can be found here. The outcome of the work resulted in around 25% rise in web visits and a 3 fold increase in the number of homepage visits, images viewed and info pages viewed.

To view the ARKive site click the image above.