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Update: All systems were back online as scheduled. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We have been advised that a hardware update will be undertaken by our service provider between the hours of 1:00am and 6:00am.

Any email sent during this time will release once the update is complete, please do not revise content on your site until the update is complete.

This news item will be updated to confirm completion of the work.



A revised version of WordPress core was released in December, we have evaluated this and found a few minor bugs, these are being dealt with and when we’re happy that the new release works with the additions and modifications that make your site unique we will complete the upgrade.

You may see a maintenance page for around 30 minutes while we check your site, you will be notified once the update is complete.


BA 3D Design: Idea Material Object

Just a quick update on the work for Bath Spa University’s School of Art and Design. In the 8 weeks since the site went live has been at the core of the drive to raise awareness of the new BA course, featuring links to Open Days and UCAS fairs and driving traffic to and from the Facebook page. We’ve monitored usage of the site, and optimised the content to ensure key information is seen, and given feedback about who has viewed the site following mailouts to ensure the target audience has been reached.

The keywords representing the course; idea material object; now return the top three results on a Google search and the course features on the first page when searching for BA three dimensional design (09 Dec 09).

BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design: Idea Material Object

To view the live site click here.


receive updates via Facebook

We’ve recently added a Facebook page to help us keep clients informed of any maintenance work, upgrades or network issues, as well as allowing you to spread the word about us. We always add such notifications to our site, as well as emailing clients but this gives you an easy way to ensure you’re kept up to date, follow this link to add us to your profile.



Starting today we’ll be testing out the latest update to the WordPress platform on which our sites are based. Most of the changes are aimed at making adding new content simpler and smoother.

All sites will be checked before going live with the update, we need to do this to ensure that any additions and modifications that make your site unique will work with the update.

You may see a maintainance page for around 30 minutes while we check your site, you will be notified once the update is complete.


news update

Northumbria University

Currently busy with a site for Northumbria University’s School of Design which is a little beyond the usual, collaboration is the focus of the site with registered users having access to distinct designated areas. A mix of video and image based content, taking advantage of WordPress threaded comment structure and allow discussion and review of work.

Much of the work on the site is invisible since it’s aimed at making adding content is as easy as writing an email. Primarily for use by students the site has an enhanced version for viewing on, and contributing from, an iPhone or iPod Touch.

We’re presently testing out the site, which should go live within the next month.